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Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum exhibits the MAXAM Collection
A selection of 59 artworks from a collection which started out in 1900 to illustrate the company's calendars, and which, at the rate of one artwork and artist per year, forms a unique display that shows the evolution of Spanish society and painting.
Visual dialogue between the history of the Panama Canal and XX and XXI Centuries Spanish art at Centro Cultural de España- Casa del Soldado
“The Panama Canal and the MAXAM Collection. History through Explosives Calendars” sets out the main milestones of the construction of the Canal –including its expansion– with the images which illustrated the popular explosives calendar over these years.
Our technology and know-how generate added value in any mining operation

MAXAM operates in underground mines on all five continents, managed by some of the most important and demanding mining companies on the market.

MAXAM takes part in the inauguration of the Panama Canal expansion
The expansion has doubled the capacity of the canal, reduced the crossing time for ships and now allows vessels holding up to 12,000 containers (an increase from the previous 4,500).
MAXAM has taken part in the 42nd Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique organized by the ISEE
MAXAM professionals gave two presentations on special underwater blasting projects conducted in Brazil
MAXAM is awarded the “Safety Plus 2017” prize by the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation (FEIQUE)
The Company's production facilities in Galdácano (Vizcaya) have been awarded this prize thanks to a zero accident rate over 2016.
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