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Explosives, green energy
Explosives, green energy Explosives, green energy


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Compared with mechanical means, the use of explosives in mining and civil works is profitable not only in time and cost savings, but in terms of energy and the reduction of air emissions.

In recent years, various research works have been published that reflect concern about carbon dioxide emissions. These studies have made clear that the use of explosives is three times more profitable in terms of energy consumption than digging, for example.
The below table, obtained from a variety of bibliographical sources published in recent years, shows how this comparison provides information that is both curious and surprising.

As the table above shows, energy savings from the use of explosives in blasting compared with excavation and grinding by mechanical means are really significant. Even more so are the financial savings this represents. But perhaps the most interesting aspect is the importance of the use of explosives in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The table shows how the use of energy materials reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 8 times compared with excavation by mechanical means and up to 40 times compared with rock grinding by the same means.
Thus the use of explosives should be recognized as a form of energy with low pollution levels and, its use should be promoted, particularly in public works. Government and public opinion should be informed of the importance of choosing the methods to prescribe and specify in tenders for public works that require movement of soil, excavation, clearing, perforation of tunnels, etc. If all public works used explosives in this way, carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere would be significantly reduced and the balance of payments in terms of purchase of hydrocarbons from abroad would also improve.

None of this can occur if we do not manage to explain clearly the  easons that justify that explosives are the source of the most powerful green energy available produced by man. Their use should therefore be given priority for environmental reasons.

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