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Sustainability - Health and Safety - Introduction

Occupational Health and Safety are absolute priorities at MAXAM and form part of our culture.

At MAXAM we are firmly committed to continuing our advance towards a target of zero accidents of any kind that could affect our employees, contractors, clients or the general public. This is why in all MAXAM operations, anywhere in the world, we engage to develop a Culture of Effort, the Pride of Belonging and the Experience of our People to:
  • Continue to advance towards the commitment of reducing accidents, with the target of Zero Accidents, for all MAXAM leaders in all operations, so that it becomes manifestly visible through their personal example. Their attitudes and behaviours and the actions and decisions of their day-to-day management.
  • Set ambitious safe working standards that will enforce continuous improvement, abandoning practices of convenience or comfort and conservative attitudes.
  • To perform all operations in accordance with the established working procedures, with operational discipline (always do what you have to do and do it well), in a culture of zero tolerance towards deviations.
  • Ensure that we possess and systematically use sufficient knowledge on process technology.
Through this we will succeed in:
  • Ensuring the right working conditions that will prevent accidents with serious consequences for people, facilities or processes .
  • Creating value for all stakeholders, both through the reduction of costs derived from non-prevention and through the positive effects of the remaining dimensions of the MAXAM Businesses.
  • Being recognised as a benchmark in safe working conditions by our employees, contractors, clients and general public in the environments in which we operate.

Our goals in Safety

Life Saving Rules

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