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Sustainability - Health and Safety - Life Saving Rules

MAXAM's Life Saving Rules define seven basic safety principles to keep us safe and prevent accidents.

These rules have been developed by a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in all of MAXAM’s business areas and departments, thereby covering all of the company’s work activities.

should only be performed
once their hazards and
associated risks have been
assessed and controlled and with the proper training.

Always wear required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for each task or work area.

Every accident, incident
or near miss has to be
reported immediately.

Safety guards and devices
must always be in working
, and must be

​When fire has reached
explosives or oxidizers,
never attempt to
extinguish it.

wear seat belts
in any kind of vehicle.

​No drugs or alcohol while
working or driving.


Last update 2019.09.16
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