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Explosives, initiation systems and accesories

Angola - Products and services - Explosives, initiation systems and accesories

MAXAM CPEA is currently producing granular explosives –ANFO and AMUNITE– as well as RIOGEL KUPULA watergels. In 2012 and 2013 we automated the production of our Kupula´s section, thus improving the presentation of the explosive and production capacity.

MAXAM CPEA´s explosives have been used in operations throughout the country and are made in Luanda with raw materials imported from Brazil and Europe. MAXAM CPEA produces explosives with various characteristics for all types of applications and needs, responding to the specificity of the operation in question. All blasting accessories, including detonating cords, safety fuses, electric detonators and non-electric detonators, are imported.

Visit our catalogue of explosives, initiation systems and accesories available at the Global Product Finder and contact MAXAM CPEA for further information. We have solutions for all of your needs.

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