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Since its founding the Company has kept up the non-stop production and sale of explosives and blasting accessories.

1959. CPEA, Companhia de Pólvoras e Explosivos de Angola SA , is established as an Angolan private company established. It is officially listed as number 2.337 in page 31, book C-8 of the Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Luanda’s register.

1986 - 1992. Despite the stagnation of the Angolan economy, CPEA flourished during those years. The Company undertakes the Capanda Hydroelectric and the Luzamba Diamonds projects thanks to supply of large quantities of dynamite. At this stage the production of dynamite was made from the use of a matrix produced by Britanite.

2002. With the signing of the Peace Agreements in 2002, new challenges emerged. MAXAM acquired most of CPEA’s capital via the Private Investment law. In 2004 this lead to a change in CPEA’s statutes, and ultimately the total overhaul of the Company’s technological process, as well as its subsequent re-launch. MAXAM, the majority shareholder, is a total or partial participant in over 160 companies located throughout the world, contributing to the social and economic development of the countries in which it is located. Since 2004 CPEA has become newly dynamic, presenting a stronger version of itself with each passing year, and with levels that have allowed for the monitoring of, and response to, the challenges of rebuilding Angola after 35 years of civil war.

2005. MAXAM CPEA changed the formulation of its production, with acquisition of the news equipment, ensuring greater reliability and profitability. Currently, MAXAM CPEA is producing granular explosives –ANFO and AMUNITE- as well RIOGEL and RIOGEL KUPULA watergels.

2012 and 2013. MAXAM CPEA automated the production of the Kupula´s section, thus improving the presentation of the explosive and its production capacity.

In 2014 we added RIOFLEX to our product-catalogue and changed our company name to MAXAM CPEA ANGOLA S.A.


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