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RIOFLEX is MAXAM’s premium bulk explosive. RIOFLEX is a watergel technology which is unique to MAXAM in the Australian market and is far superior to rival emulsion products.

RIOFLEX qualities include:
  • Higher energy*
  • Higher active material content*
  • Can be sensitised to a far greater range of densities in isolation or with ANFO
  • Densities as low as 0.6 possible
  • High water resistance
  • Superior inhibiting qualities
  • Cross-linked properties (solid rubber like state with 10-15mins)
  • Mechanically sensitised (increased loading accuracy)
  • Contains less water than emulsions
*More energy on a weight for weight basis than emulsions.
RIOFLEX is a highly energetic product with outstanding performance which can improve blasting operations through:
  • Expansion of drill patterns
  • Improved fragmentation and dig-ability
  • Increased production
  • Overall reduction in drilling and blasting costs
To download the TDS, MSDS and EPG, select the Global Product Finder link.


RIOXAM is MAXAM’s blend of high quality Ammonium Nitrate porous prill Fuel Oil (ANFO). RIOXAM is oxygen balanced to ensure the product will deliver the available energy and least post blast fumes when applied according to recommendations. It is an ideal product for use in dry blast hole conditions.

RIOXAM is free flowing and coloured to indicate the addition of the fuel component.

Packaged explosives

MAXAM provides a complete range of explosives packaged product solutions to open pit mining, underground mining, quarrying and construction industries.

The product range includes watergel, emulsion and ANFO based products for presplit, development and production blasting applications.


Download TDS and MSDS

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