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RIONEL is MAXAM’s precision range of non-electric detonators that are pinnacle in shock tube technology to open pit mining, underground mining, quarrying and construction industries.

RIONEL SCE (Surface Connectors) is capable of holding eight tubes, simplifying the most demanding tie-ups. Innovative design features ensure that crossover and shadowing are a thing of the past with an audible ‘click’ mechanically confirming a reliable connection.

RIONEL is proudly assembled in Australia to uncompromising standards.

To download the TDS, MSDS and EPG, select the Global Product Finder link.


RIOBOOSTER is MAXAM’s range of high energy initiating explosives designed to provide detonation pressures sufficient to initiate RIOFLEX and RIOXAM bulk explosives.

RIOBOOSTER is available in two sizes and are designed to be used with electric, non-electric and electronic detonators as well as selected strength detonating cords.

To download the TDS, MSDS and EPG, select the Global Product Finder link.


RIOCORD is MAXAM’s range of high quality detonating cord products. RIOCORD consists of PETN explosive bound layers of textile fibres and tapes with an abrasion resistant external polymer extrusion or textile yarn.

RIOCORD is suitable for use in both surface and down-the-hole applications. RIOCORD is engineered to minimise knotting and optimise handling.

MAXAM’s range of RIOCORD is a non-standard product and subject to minimum order quantities and production lead-times.


MAXAM offers a complete range of initiating system accessories to support the RIONEL, RIOBOOSTER and RIOCORD product ranges.

Raw materials

MAXAM is a leading provider of high quality nitro chemical products within Australia and the Pacific region.


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