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Terra Solutions - About us - Introduction

If out of every thousand ideas only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.
- Alfred Nobel -

From its inception in 1872 as the Alfred Nobel Spanish Dynamite Manufacturing Company, MAXAM has become one of the leading explosives manufacturers and technical services providers in the world.

Success has come from our belief that customer responsibility doesn’t end with the delivery of our products, nor does it begin with the closing of a contract. As a result, our products and services undergo a continuous and thorough evaluation for improvement in efficiency, environmental concerns, and safety. And, as Nobel believed, if during this process we find only one important improvement in every thousand ideas, we are satisfied.

MAXAM is committed to developing superior products and providing technical advice that advances society and sustainable development around the world. We leverage our global presence, advanced technologies, and business divisions (Chem, Outdoors and Defence) to ensure we meet our clients’ current and future needs in all sectors and in all countries where MAXAM operates.

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