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Corporate Social Responsibility

Mongolia - Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the agreement to provide products and services to Oyu Tolgoi, MAXAM Mongolia is committed to implementing a series of Educational, Social and Community Programs, starting in 2011 and currently ongoing.

These programs benefit local communities with:
  • Training related to the use of blasting products & services technologies, permitting them to increase employment and allowing for the creation of local mining experts.
  • Scholarships to university students, who will be trained in MAXAM facilities at Oyu Tolgoi and have the option of continuing their studies in Spain and joining the global MAXAMfamily.
  • Assistance to Mongolian women and vulnerable children from unprivileged families.
  • The development of local infrastructure that will foster the creation of employment, and generally provide the opportunity for the improved quality of life in the area.
Some of the organizations we are supporting as part of the activities of the CRS in Mongolia:
  • Veloo Foundation NGO, focusing on improving the living conditions of some of the most vulnerable children in Ulaanbaatar.
  • Mongolian Women’s Fund which helps local women reinforcing their integration within a humane, democratic and civil society in which they can participate in the political, economic and cultural spheres;
  • The New Choice Children Organization, which provides education, healthcare, homes and summer camps for the most underprivileged and orphaned Mongolian children,
  • Alpha Communities Orphanage, which similarly assists communities affected by poverty with locally organized initiatives.

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Ampliación del canal de Panamá 2016.01.25. MAXAM collaborates with Veloo Foundation by improving the living conditions of the most marginalized children of Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

The Peak Children’s Sanctuary Project focuses on providing help to the children subsisting out of Ulaanbaatar’s rubbish dump .

Ampliación del canal de Panamá 2016.01.25. Four students of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) scholarshiped by MAXAM

The program consists in payment of university fees and the opportunity of training in MAXAM local and worldwide projects.

 2011.10.24 MAXAM signs an agreement with Oyu Tolgoi to implement Educational, Social and Community Programs in Mongolia
 These programs are part of the agreement already signed by both companies for the supply of blasting products and services in Oyu Tolgoi.


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