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MAXAM upgrades its Corporate Health and Safety Policy
MAXAM upgrades its Corporate Health and Safety Policy MAXAM upgrades its Corporate Health and Safety Policy


Terra Solutions - Press Room - News - MAXAM upgrades its Corporate Health and Safety Policy

In accordance with the requirements set by OHSAS 18001. To be applied in a mandatory and prioritized manner, it forms part of the Management Systems of every work center.

In the words of José Fernando Sánchez-Junco, MAXAM’s Chairman & CEO, “in our company health and safety is a matter for all of us.; it is a priority for each and every one of the professionals at this company, regardless of the position they occupy. Likewise, we consider this to be a an issue with which we are committed when dealing with the public, be it composed of customers, suppliers, contractors… and, ultimately, the whole of the society”.

Following this principle, which establishes that health and safety is “a matter for all of us”, and with the aim of fulfilling its fundamental commitment to its employees, contractors, customers and the general public, MAXAM has updated its Corporate Health and Safety Policy.

Fundamental pillars
Health and Safety is a corporate policy that emanates from the top level of the company, and which directly involves all parts of the MAXAM organization, from the executive to the operational divisions, all of its individual companies and subsidiaries, and all of its work centers.

In this regard, the Management System for Health and Safety of each MAXAM company, as well as each one of its work centers, begins with the analysis and evaluation of the risks involved in all of its operations, including the design phase. The risks identified in this process are assessed and appropriate action is taken to eliminate or minimize them accordingly, and they are likewise taken into consideration throughout the continuous training that each employee receives in order to establish the preventative best practices.

OHSAS 18001
Continuous improvement is one of the key principles of MAXAM’s operational management and, as such, its Management has established that all of its companies, subsidiaries and work centers will adopt the requirements prescribed by the OHSAS 18001 international standard by way of a management system that will be implemented in the 2012-2014 timeframe.

This initiative will provide all MAXAM workplaces –more than 120 production centers in over 40 countries and across five continents– with a homogenizing tool that will allow the establishment, in the most efficacious possible manner, of working practices that will further improve MAXAM’s results in Health and Safety.

MAXAM is a service and industrial group that operates on a global scale by developing, manufacturing and commercializing civil explosives and initiation systems for mining, quarries and infrastructures; cartridges, shotgun shells and smokeless powder for hunting and sports use; and products for the defense industry. Likewise, MAXAM is a supplier of key raw materials for nitro chemical activity, generated for the company’s own internal needs as well as for the commercialization to third parties. Finally, as a result of its drive towards innovative, sustainable development, MAXAM offers its clients a wide variety of solutions in the fields of safety and environmental conservation.

Founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, MAXAM celebrates its 140th birthday in 2012 with a yearly turnover of approximately one billion euros and a presence in all of the major mining areas of the world, with production sites in over 40 countries, an active market presence in more than 100 others, and over 6000 employees spread across five continents.

MAXAM offers a complete range of products and services to the companies and markets where it operates and integrates high tech products of a superior quality and security with the most complete technical advice, contributing in this manner to the continuous improvement of the services given to its clients. The company’s vast international presence, respect for the environment, groundbreaking research and considerable philanthropic efforts demonstrate MAXAM’s status as a leading, active and committed company, engaged with the progress and development of the society and the environment that surrounds it.

MAXAM Foundation 
The MAXAM Foundation is a non-profit entity, which channels the patronage activities of MAXAM in the culture environment, very especially in the Painting area. Furthermore, it has as mission to organize, preserve and disseminate the historical legacy created by MAXAM since its foundation by Alfred Nobel in 1872. It also organizes activities directed to the promotion and achievement of aims of general interest with a civic, social, educational, scientific, technological research & development character.

Their main lines of actions are:
  • Organize, Protect and Preserve the Historic Legacy of the Company.
  • Managing the MAXAM painting Collection that began in 1899 and which each year illustrates the famous Explosives Calendars.
  • The House of the Explosives in the Mining and Industrial Museum of Asturias (
  • The MAXAM chair of the Explosives Technology from the Higher School of Mining Engineers of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Through this Chair, engineering students from different countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Australia…) receive training on the subject in depth. All of this thanks to the agreements with International Universities.


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