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As one of the largest manufacturers of explosives in South Africa, MAXAM Dantex offers a host of products suitable for surface and underground blasting operations.

MAXAM’s premium bulk explosive, RIOFLEX is a watergel technology which is unique to MAXAM in the African market, and is far superior to any emulsion products in the market. One of our latest developments, RIOFLEX Imatla, is the product of choice in underground operations.

MAXAM’s RIOGEL range of Watergel and drygel explosives have become an industry standard and are known for its excellent blasting results, high energy and reliability. RIOGEL offers a variety of formulations, each varying in energy. This product has rapidly become a choice in South Africa’s gold mines where it has consistently increased the mines’ gold yield per ton of ore mined.

KUBELA is our water resistant, high strength,detonator sensitive explosive,widely used for blasting under wet or dry conditions.

Visit our catalogue of explosives, initiation systems and accessories available at the Global Product Finder and contact us for further information.


Last update 2019.09.19
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