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The technical improvement program (TIP) offered by MAXAM researches the current practices and proposes initiatives that can be implemented to improve blasting outcomes for clients.

There are several initiatives based on client needs, all with the main goals of accuracy, efficiency, reducing costs, minimising environmental impact and increasing safety.

In general some of the main initiatives proposed include the following:
  • Definition of KPI´S (Key Performance Indicators) together with client.
  • Auditing process.
  • Review of processes.
  • Laser profiling.
  • Establishing methods of determining accuracy and monitoring.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the blast design is precisely translated onto the ground.
  • Evaluate pros and cons of possible solutions to KIP.
  • Modifying blast patterns to access possible benefits.
Formulation and justifications of the initiatives proposed along with comments on current practices are all included in the TIP.


Last update 2019.09.19
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