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Defence - Products - Munitions - Air armament
EXPAL develops, manufactures a wide range of aviation bombs, such as conventional bombs, American MK 80 series bombs, training bombs type BDU and MK-22 (British bombs for training purpose) , and BPG 2000 penetration bomb with integrated precision-guided system. Likewise, EXPAL carries ...

Defence - Products - Munitions - Fuzes
EXPAL designs and manufactures a wide and comprehensive range of fuzes, both mechanical and electronic, for artillery ammunition, naval ammunition, mortar bombs, aircraft bombs and rockets. EXPAL is one of the leading European manufacturers of these fuzes with many years of exper ...

Defence - Products - Munitions - Small arms ammunition
More than 300 years of  industrial tradition that support its capabilities, technologies and processes that EXPAL uses for the manufacture of small caliber ammunition, positioning as a leader provider in this line activity. This ammunition, NATO classified, exceeds the require ...

Defence - Products - Munitions - Artillery ammunition
Beside to the complete family of conventional artillery ammunition for 105 and 155 mm calibres that EXPAL manufactures in their different versions, EXPAL has developed its own family of artillery ammunition, high capacity (ER) based on base bleed technology, providing extended ranges up to ...

Defence - Products - Munitions - Mortar system ammunition
EXPAL is a leader in mortar systems ammunition, providing service to more than 35 Armed Forces around the world. This leadership has been possible due EXPAL internal developments that have been taking place in propelling charges and modification of mortar mass and aerodynamic characteristics, as ...

Defence - Products - Munitions - Naval ammunition
EXPAL develops and manufactures ammunition for naval artillery for 3" and 76 mm, fast and super-fast assembly and mounting of 5, 54, and 62 caliber barrel length, in their high version explosive, high explosive PFF, TP target practice and target practice with tracer TP-T, also for installa ...


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