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Terra Solutions - Technical Services - Introduction
MAXAM caters to client needs in a multitude of levels, from large to small, local to global, providing the entire required infrastructure, to simply providing products, or a combination of the two as clients needs change. Through our Technical Services, MAXAM develops cost effective explosiv ...

Angola - Products and services - Introduction
MAXAM CPEA manufactures products for various markets: Mining, Quarrying, Infrastructure, Sports Shooting and Hunting.

Angola - Products and services - Explosives, initiation systems and accesories
MAXAM CPEA is currently producing granular explosives –ANFO and AMUNITE– as well as RIOGEL KUPULA watergels. In 2012 and 2013 we automated the production of our Kupula´s section, thus improving the presentation of the explosive and production capacity. MAXAM CPEA´s explosi ...

Angola - Products and services - Technical assistance
MAXAM CPEA’s team of experts is trained to provide customers with a full range of technical services for mining and quarry blasting. We count on the experience and knowledge garnered by MAXAM´s worldwide team, a guarantor of the technical assistance, operating in over 160 companies ac ...

Brazil - About us - Introduction
A respected and renowned global provider of integrated blasting solutions for operations, supported by the experience of the MAXAM Group.

West Africa - About us - Introduction
MAXAM is playing a key role in the development of mining and quarrying projects as well as necessary infrastructure and construction projects across West Africa. MAXAM aims to contribute to local economies through its participation in different operations and growth opportunities in Africa. Our ...

West Africa - About us - Operational sites
Twenty years after its founding, MAXAM Ghana has become a leading participant in major gold, manganese, bauxite and quarry granite extraction operations throughout the country. MAXAM Ghana offers its clients the highest level of customer support services, including blast hole loading, priming an ...

West Africa - Products and services
MAXAM offers a wide range of high technology products and services ranging from bulk (RIOFLEX, RIOMEX, ANFO) and packaged explosives (RIOGEL, RIODIN), to initiation systems and accessories designed to meet each customer’s needs, in small and large operations. We also offer specific custome ...


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